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CRM Marketing: You Are Measuring It Wrong!

Using standard email KPIs as a measure of healthy email marketing is like weighing yourself as the goal of a healthy lifestyle!
Sign up for this webinar and find out what role email plays in meeting your customers' expectations and what value it delivers to your brand in addition to "Open/Click rates" and "revenue".
At the end of the webinar, you will be armed with improved practical email marketing tactics that you will immediately be able to begin implementing.

What we'll cover

Why using average Standard KPIs results in average results. Learn how email can be much more than just driving traffic.
Find out how focusing on actionable insights will give you "the big win".


If you have the function and title of Head of Digital Manager, Digital Manager, CRM/ E-mail Manager, Head of CRM/ E-mail, CRM/ E-mail Director or similar, and if your brand has a critical digital presence, then you can usefully participate in this webinar, and challenge your current email marketing, and see how you can optimize and "win big".
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Be aware that this webinar will be in Danish, but please use the formular below and let's us know by the Comments field, if you want a conversation in English or if you could be interested to join a similar webinar in English.