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Combine Digital are marketing data specialists and digital consultants, and with more than 20 years of experience, we have a deep business and technical understanding related to digital analysis and automation. With a close relationship including a dedicated and passionate approach combined with all our experience, we are helping you collect, analyze and activate your marketing customerdata across all your digital channels including optimizing your corporate data-driven marketing based on the company's existing and potential data.

Combine Digital is pleased to be partner to Mapp

Combine Digital is a partner of Mapp, which means that in a combination of our advice and consulting assistance and Mapp Cloud, we can help you boosting your business.

Mapp Cloud is a very powerful digital marketing platform that automates "engagement" using real-time customer insight and gives you the most accurate of what your customers will do next.
It has been important for us to choose a supplier who is constantly evolving and who can provide a Real CDP (Customer Data Platform) with strong, fast and competent support, and a supplier who does not have a heavy bureaucratic setup and who does not have much of a hidden costs and who really cares about their customers and partners on all parameters.

It has been a top priority for us, to find a solution that is affordable in terms of price, also for digitally active companies that do not have the full large budget, and in general, the solution must, not at least, be able to justify the customer's investment in relation to return on investment.
Mapp Cloud fully covers this!
The exploitation of combined business-critical customer data is not only for large companies, it is for all companies with a business-critical online presence.
Be inspired, challenge your current email marketing, and see how you can optimize and "win big".

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Marketing with Mapp Cloud

Marketing with Mapp means Relevant Experiences for your Visitors – Provide visitors with personalized content and take your customer loyalty to a new level

Provide Attractive, Personalized Content to Your Customers

Increase website engagement with your brand by making the most of all the data available.

Collect: Automate your recommendations based on user behavior, buying behavior and predictions. For returning customers, use the extensive data pool of historical user data to show your users only relevant offers and content.

Analyze: Predictions are based on individual data – discover conversion probabilities, forecast order values, cancellation probabilities and much more. You can be one step ahead of your users when you understand and use patterns in the data.

Respond to real-time behavior and prevent users from cancelling a purchase or leaving your site prematurely. When you use the data you have, your organization can benefit from additional up-selling and cross-selling revenue.

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